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Dende Sound is a lovingly crafted, custom-built rig inspired by a long tradition of Jamaican Sound System Culture. Together with our resident selectors;

Edi Yoyo, Artemis Roots and Bambaman, we put on regular

MORE FYAH events hosting visiting crews from across the country presenting the best in Reggae and Dub.

"Nuff respects for Friday night mi Bredda...Fyah was Blazin,

the set sounded Kriss" Mc Trooper.

"Exactly how i like a reggae party" Seth Tufnell, Resonators

"Heavy Heavy Heavy! We Love It!" Edi Yoyo

More Fyah!! night chapter 3, with The Roots Garden crew. thanks to Luca for the video and plenty speaker box moving!

Back in the early days... Here's a little movie by Gani Naylor of the first time i set up the rig one night in the warehouse after the carpenters had gone home. Winter of 2012.


We also run live stages at festivals and events using our soundsystem. A live band sounds fantastic and the stage looks stunning with our speakers either side! We can provide everything you need from the speakers and amps to mixing desks, monitors, mics, and sound engineers ... the lot!


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