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Dende is a 9 piece fun-fuelled positive party band playing an up-for-it mix of tunes with a firm rooting in Afro-Latin rhythms. From Cumbia to Calypso, Samba to Flamenco and Latin Dub, we always get the dance floor bouncing and kids love us too! 

We bring you the joy of deep harmonic horns, sweet vocals, a totally having it percussion section, accordion, guitar, heavy bass lines and dub siren. 

We are up for playing at festivals, private functions, weddings, birthdays etc. Check out our tunes and videos below.....

Listen to our 2 recent EPs below and if you like them,

please buy them from us here ...

Dende is an Afro Brazilian word. It is the rich red palm oil used in cooking all across West Africa and the African diaspora world wide. Dende is celebrated in the passionate songs of North Eastern Brazil.  "Tem Dende, tem Dende" they sing aloud praising someone who carries such fiery spirit, like the Duende that possesses flamenco musicians taking artists into the ecstatic space beyond the rational realms of the mundane.


We are excited to be releasing our music with Goodtimes Music label and working together on many exciting projects.

Check them out here and all the other great music available.



Cumbia a la Frenchie Live at Zutopia 2018 

Come Again EP promo



Contact Us

For all enquiries call Ed on, 

07792 195807

or email him at,

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